Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Recipe: Vermicelli/ Sevaiyan Upma (Vegan)

Vermicelli or Sevaiyan is a kind of pasta that has been used in India since quite awhile to make sweet dishes and sometimes savoury dishes too. If I remember right, the savoury dishes came into the mindspace when Bambino started branding and selling vermicelli as compared to sevaiyan being sold out of great rounds in the market. Sevaiyan were mostly used to prepare kheer. Bambino also included recipes to use their vermicelli in different dishes on the packaging, hence increasing the market for their product.

Vermicelli upma is a fast option for breakfast or a tea time snack that can also be made quite nutritious with the addition of vegetables like peas or grated carrots.

100 gms vermicelli
1tsp urad dhal
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
Pinch of jeera seeds
1 small onion chopped
1 green chilli chopped
salt to taste
warm water to cook
1/2 tsp ghee or oil 
fresh grated coconut to garnish (otional)

Warm the pan and add a little ghee or oil of your choice.
Temper with the urad dhal, mustard seeds and jeera.
Then add the onion and green chillies and stir fry quickly.
As the onion starts to turn transluscent, add the vermicelli and roast for awhile till it turns light and dark brown (but don't burn).

Add salt to tase.
Slowly add warm water and cook. Keep adding water till the vermicelli stops absorbing liquid and is cooked.
Garnish with fresh grated coconut and serve hot.

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