Monday, October 18, 2010

Recipe: Bhutta - Roast Corn

This is an extremely common snack sold on the roadside during the monsoons and the winter seasons in India. Roasted on hot coals and served with salt and chilli powder. While we used to eat it on the road quite regularly, the husbands doctor has been quite vocal about him not eating roadside food anymore. So I make them at home.
I initially used to steam the corn in the pressure cooker and then serve it with lime, salt and chilli powder, but once I got these handy thingamajigs Zyliss Interlocking Corn Holders, 4 Pairs in Dubai, its now very easy for me to roast them over an open gas flame too, without burning my fingers.

Husk the corn. Roast on an open flame, rotating frequently.
Serve with lime, salt and chilli powder or with salted butter.

Pressure cook for 2 whistles and serve similarly.
BBQ on hot coals directly or wrap them in foil and roast them for awhile.

Since its so light and healthy, I often serve this as a snack in the evning, before serving Biryani for dinner (so that a bit of veggies get consumed too) I've yet to find a vegetable dish that goes well with biryani. I do use cucumbers in theRaita but we aren't very fond of Baghara Baingan. Hence the tea time veggie :)

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