Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Recipe: Ham and Baby Corn Roll Ups

This is an extremely quick and easy snack to make when you have the munchies or unexpected guests drop in. This also goes really well as finger food, when serving drinks.

Slices of ham (chicken or pork, beef will be too strong a taste and too thick a slice)
Baby Corn
Some dipping sauce

Lay the ham flat on a plate and keep one baby corn for each slice.
If you like, you can dip each baby corn into the sauce before rolling it up in the ham for extra flavour. Or just roll up the corn in the ham, if you have a flavourful ham that you want to showcase.
Roll them up tight, one piece of corn to each slice of ham and pan fry.
 Serve hot with dipping sauce.
If you use a sweet and sour Thai sauce, each mouthful will be an explosion, of sweet, sour, saly, spicy flavours and the contrast of soft ham with crispy baby corn.

I did not pre-cook the baby corn, because we do eat it raw. If you are concerned about consuming raw vegetables, pan fry the baby corn or scald them in hot water before rolling up.
Do not add any extra salt, the ham has enough sodium.


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