Monday, March 22, 2010

Recipe: Jewel Rice

Anyone reading my blog this month, would be forgiven for thinking that I have turned Vegetarian for Lent. the Vegetarian food is more for husbands benefit as doctor had advised him a pretty restricted diet for some recurrent tummy troubles.

I've been sneaking meat into my plate in different ways. Most of them end up being unhealthy :)

This is quite a healthy dish though for the most part.

I often make variations of this dish with leftovers for my lunch. Especially when I'm in the middle of finishing an assignment and can't be bothered to put much thought into what I'm cooking.

The easiest way to do this is to warm up leftover Chinese style semi gravy items and add some leftover cooked rice to the mix and eat hot.

This particular dish was made from completely fresh ingredients. I had some lovely spicy spanish Chorizo that I had picked up from GNB. The spice and sourness of this sausage meant that the rice did not need any other flavoring. I cut the slices into quarters (I had them presliced for sandwiches) and lightly sauteed them, added some baby corn, fresh green peas and sprouts. Just a hint of salt as the sausage had salt too. A quick stir fry later, I added the leftover rice.

Since there is no sauce in this dish, it is important to add veggies with higher water content like baby corn so the dish isnt too dry to eat.
Take off the pan and eat hot.

The dish can be completely vegetarian too, but you will need to add some herbs for flavoring.

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