Sunday, March 07, 2010

Chorizo and Shammi Kebabs

I picked up a lovely assortment of goodies from Godrej Nature's Basket (GNB) the other day and wanted to try some out on Sunday, which is a lazy day in the kitchen :)

I had picked up some ready-to-fry shammi kebabs. Shammi Kebabs are really soft ,well minced kebabs that can melt in your mouth if made right. These were delicate and ready to fall apart in my hands and I tried to gently ease them into a shallow frying pan.

The frothing, is from the egg content in the kebabs, nothing to worry about.

(You can try this recipe for Shimapuri Kebabs).

I would ideally serve these delicate kebabs on mini rotis. I've tasted it in a couple of places on mini 'Ulthe Tawa ke Parathe' which is a gorgeous combination. But I was in no mood to knead out dough, and make mini rotis for just myself. But,  I still needed a base to pick up these kebabs without having to resort to a spoon.

I  remembered the Chorizo slices that I had picked up from GNB. Now a roti would lend a sweetish taste, but this chorizo was tart and spicy.
They did come together beautifully on a plate, with colors playing off each other. I warmed the chorizo for 5 seconds in the microwave to get the fats to break up just a little bit and then plated the kebabs on top of the slices (not very neatly, but I was making it for myself and the aromas were forcing me to rush it a bit, so I could eat while it was still at the right temperature)

The taste together was not the best of combinations, because the shammis were melt-in-the mouth soft with crisp skins and the chorizo had that bit of a chew needed. The kebabs were very lightly flavored, but the chorizo was quite strong (sur and spicy) and hence overpowered the taste of the kebabs.

Each item tasted great separately, so I ended up using the chorizo slices as scoops to get the kebab into my mouth in one piece and then I ate all the slices up after I was done with the kebabs. I will have to make the mini rotis/parathas next time.

The chorizo was very good as an appetiser as it truly stimulated the taste buds.

I do love this store and will keep going back for more.

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