Thursday, March 11, 2010

Khatta Moong - Green Gram Curry

Having grown up eating Dhal (lentils) everyday, my husband does have particular likes and dislikes for the way these are cooked. He is a completely non-fussy eater and will eat and enjoy anything. Except where familiar childhood foods are concerned, he likes them to taste the way he is used to. Fo eg, the kadhi eaten in his home is a much thinner version and made with potatoes rather than pakodas which he likes. So if kadhi is cooked at home, this is what he expects, not the Punjabi style kadhi pakoda or the slightly sweeter Gujarathi version.

Given this background, I was slightly apprehensive to try out a completely new dhal on him, that too one that included curd (yoghurt), but the recipe Rushina posted about 2 weeks ago for Khatta Moong was really calling out to me.

So after 15 days of dithering, I braved it and made it in a small quantity (albeit with double the portions mentioned in her recipe). It was an absolute hit!

I can't tell you how good it tastes with hot rice. Suffice to say that even after doubling the quantity in her recipe, it was all finished between 2 of us in one meal.

You can get the recipe for Rushina's moms Khatta Moong here.

The only adjustment I made (other than doubling quantities) is that I had ginger paste ground in my fridge and didn't feel like grinding up 2-3 chillies. So I just chopped them fine and added it at the same stage as the ginger paste.

This is one recipe that is definitely going to be cooked more frequently in our house.

While Rushina has recommended some other Gujarathi dishes with this dhal, I served it with Aloo Methi (Potatoes and fenugreek greens).

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