Monday, March 28, 2011

Rest in Peace: Prema Noronha (nee Fernandes)

 About 15 days ago, I received the shocking news that my friend, Prema had passed away.

Prema's sister was a batchmate of mine in college and Prema was a year younger. A few years later, Prema married a good friend of mine and when my husband and I visited Dubai on a short trip, they generously welcomed us for a meal at their home, even though Prema had been advised complete rest.

We accepted on the principle that Prema would not exert herself and they would order something in and she would not worry about cooking or anything else. We spent a lovely afternoon at their place, laughing about the old days.

The only problem with going home during Xmas vacation is that there are so many family commitments and weddings, that you don't get time to spend with your friends who are also home on vacation during those days. You meet briefly at functions and church, but barely get one-on-one time to relax and reminisce.

So it was wonderful to be able to spend time with both of them at their home. I have heard a lot of praise for Prema's cooking and even have one of her recipes up here on this blog: Prema's Kurlyanche Sukkhe - Crab Fry

I knew she wasn't in the best of health for quite awhile, but to hear the news that she was no more has been quite numbing. For the first week it was difficult for me to cook or enjoy eating, with memories spilling over - and I was just a friend. I cannot imagine what her husband, young child, parents, sisters and the rest of the family are going through.

Prema touched thousands of lives with her beautiful smile and generous, kind, loving spirit. She was a genuine, wonderful person and she will always be missed by anyone who knew her - however briefly.

Rest in Peace Prema. I hope you meet my nana up there, because I know the 2 of you will get on wonderfully together and will keep a good watch on all of us down here who miss you, to keep us safe and strong


Michelle Peters - Jones said...

Nice post Kim... we miss Prema :-( Its so hard when you hear about someone only a couple of so years older passing away. Makes you realise the value of life and appreciating your friends and family.

Kim said...

I haven't really been able to write since I heard the news. There's just so much sadness when you hear of someone this young falling sick and passing away.

Writing this post helped crystallise some of my thoughts and hopefully now I can move forward

sangeeta said...

My prayers for her ..
I know how it feels to loose someone and how it leaves a hollow in your heart . Take care Kim ...

Kim said...

Thanks Sangeetha, your loss has been much greater than most of us can ever imagine. You take care too


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