Friday, June 25, 2010

Recipe: Mango Lassi (Smoothie)

This is one of the fastest things to whip up in the kitchen when you want a cool soothing, healthy drink after coming in from the sun.

While smoothies / lassis can be made out of any fruit. As a rule, avoid the citrus ones. Think of firmer fruits - bananas, apples and the like. In general, fruits that are used in milkshakes, can be safely used to make smoothies/lassis.

Any variety of ripe mango can be used for this recipe. Given the sweetness of mangoes, there is no need for any additional sugar.

Keep the mangoes in the fridge until ready to use, so the drink can be extra cold. I normally cut up the mangoes and leave them in the fridge, so I can shake up a glass as soon as the husband arrives home.

Pop half a glass of mango pieces (you can even use packaged mango juice or mango pulp, but that wouldn't be half as healthy as fresh mango), and half a glass of dahi/yoghurt into a blender.
 Blend till well done. If you want it extra chilled, add a few ice cubes and blend again.

Pour into a glass and drink while cold.
This lassi is slightly pale because it was made for someone who has to watch his sugar intake, so I decreased the amount of mangoes I would normally use.

You can add a 1/2 tsp of coconut or a few seeds (not pods) of cardamom while blending for a twist in the taste.

Instead of dahi/yoghurt, substitute milk for a mango milkshake.

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