Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Haldikolyacha Patolis (Turmeric Leaves Patolis)

Turmeric Leaf Patholis are different from Jackfruit leaf patholis.

Mom made some when I was home last week.
Couldn't resist putting the picture up.

For the recipe : Visit http://www.mangaloreworld.com/content/view/491/202/


Foodie's Hope said...

Looks good! Getting turmeric leaves here to make it, no chance!!:)))Thanks!!

Kim said...

A friend of mine in the US mentioned that she makes them in Aluminium foil. Not sure of how she does it exactly but guess she uses the same procedure & the patolis just miss that hint of the haldikolyachi taste.

One of the members on Another Subcontinent has actually got her own plant home & is growing it to be able to make them the authentic way.

I admire her effort & guessing I will have to start doing similar stuff in Egypt. Check My Egypt Blog to make sense of what I'm talking about.


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