Monday, September 01, 2014

#10foodbookchallenge - My Top 10

 There's a tagging round going on, on facebook asking friends to list their top 10 favourite books that are at the top of their mind and I too participated in that, my list is here.

My friend Rushina, also issued a #10foodbookchallenge, so in random order, here are the top 10 books that come to my mind :

1. Home Encyclopaedia - J B Lobo - I know I will never have to deworm a cow or convert royal blue ink to blue black or hide hemline marks while altering an outfit or prepare a pond for stocking baby fish - but this was the first cookbook I ever read, since this was the only cookbook my nana owned and occasionally referred to.

2. Mangalore Ladies Club cookbook - for its Manglorean recipe section

3. Korma, Kheer, Kismet - Pamela Timms - if I ever get around to writing a book - this is what I would aspire to - a blend of food memories, recipes, history and culture with loads of passion.

4. Savour Mumbai: A Culinary Journey Through India's Melting Pot - Vikas Khanna - the recipes are spot on and resemble the ones I have eaten at these famous restaurants in Mumbai.

5. Cooking with Pedatha - Jigyasa Giri & Pratibha Jain - Feels like I'm eating at Pedatha's table myself when I cook from this book.

6. Biryani - Pratibha Karan - the subject matter is reason enough for me to love this one and what an assortment of Biryanis it covers from all across the country!

7. Following Fish - Samanth Subramaniam - love the quirky yet brilliant travel tale

8. Rude Food - Vir Sanghvi - love his columns for the width and depth of information - the book is a great collection of his columns

9. Will Write For Food - Dianne Jacob - so much to learn from this book about Food Writing

10. Fat Duck Cookbook - Heston Blumenthal - I keep going back to it, just to look at the pictures

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shreya said...

Very nice and interesting blog. Loved reading it as it is attractive to all the foodie people...


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