Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Borosil Contest #BeautifulFood

As most of you who follow my blog know, I was one of the bloggers shortlisted for Round 2 of the Indiblogger and Borosil "My Beautiful Food" Contest

So for Round 2, I had to serve food in the dishes sent to me by Borosil.

There was such excitement at home when the parcel from Borosil & Indiblogger finally arrived. We had been waiting a couple of days, the rains in Ahmedabad had played spoilsport and the roads were inundated, making life difficult for the poor courier delivery guys. Mum and I have been baking and serving dishes in Borosil Glassware for ages and she had been hoping to see the new designs before she left the city.

Everything was beautifully and securely packed and all the fragile glass articles reached me safely via Mumbai - Navi Mumbai - Baroda. That is some really great quality packing.

However, mums & my first reaction on looking at the dishes was "but these are so small!" Neither of us is comfortable cooking in small quantities, we tend to cook large meals and love feeding people. And if we have 4 people coming over for a meal, I will end up cooking about at least 6-8kgs of food. I think this trait has been passed down through my nana's genes. We are more comfortable cooking in large quantities than small ones, although most of the time these days mum and I are cooking for 1-2 people for daily meals, but in this case we serve/paroso onto the plate directly from the kitchen.

So yes, it was a huge challenge to cook in these dishes. But once I started cooking in them, I realised that while they looked small, they did carry a lot of volume 1/2-1kg of food in the serving dishes and a little more than 500 ml in the awesomely cute Baby Gourmet Bowls.

The first opportunity that I got to use these dishes, was the very same evening, since a friend had arrived from Delhi and I served an Andhra style Meal for dinner.

There was a spicy Chicken 65, Kebabs (as starters) Parathas, Biryani, mixed vegetables and a mutton curry, with a salad and some accompaniments.

I was struck by how my accompaniments (Pudina Chutney, Raita, Mirch ka Salan) mirrored the colors of the Indian Flag and used the Borosil Glasses to emphasise the colours

The centrepiece of course was the biryani and I think that transparent glassware, shows Biryani at its best where you can admire all its colours and layers.

Over the following week, I used the dishes to serve whatever was made at home (the contest was an incentive) whenever I remembered to use the dishes and click pictures.

Even something as simple as steamed corn with a chilli-garlic vinaigrette looked so lovely in the Borosil dishes.

And the Baby Gourmet Bowls made my simple tomato soup, look so posh!

The glassware in all these pictures was part of the hamper sent to me as a prize for Round 1 and can be bought on

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