Thursday, March 27, 2014

Recipe : Cafe Style Iced Cold Coffee

We are in the middle of moving houses (within Ahmedabad itself), hence my frequency of cooking and posting has reduced drastically. I have spread out the actual moving itself across 10 days, so I'm quite exhausted at the end of the evening and land up at some coffee shop or the other for a nice chilled coffee.

However, today I was too tired to even walk into a coffee shop, and I had milk and ice cream in the fridge to be finished off before I set the fridge to defrost (prior to moving it). So after a nice hot bath, I just made myself a glass of cold coffee, more indulgent than the way I normally make it, but definitely less calorific than the cafe versions.

Ingredients :
3/4 glass milk
1 scoop vanilla ice cream
1-2 tbsp of your favourite instant coffee powder (I used 2tbsp Bru, because I wanted a strong Coffee)
Sugar or flavoured syrup to taste

Add the milk, coffee powder and sugar/syrup into a liquidiser / blender.
Give it a good whiz until well blended. (5-15 seconds on lowest speed)
You will find a really frothy coffee, when you open the cover.
Now, add the ice cream and blend for another 5-15 seconds.
When you open the cover this time, you will notice that there is less froth on top of the blended coffee.
Pour into a nice tall glass and curl up with a good book.

Kim's Tips: 
Monin has a nice variety of flavoured sugar syrups, that go well with iced coffees and milkshakes. I like to keep a couple of the tiny bottles on hand in hazelnut, caramel, Irish Creme flavours.
Using the syrup in cold drinks, saves me the hassle of powdering sugar or keeping an extra box of powdered/icing sugar on hand.
Syrup doesn't clump in humid weather.
The flavoured syrups, enhance the drink

While you can use coffee decoction for making cold coffee, the water in the decoction will result in a thinner cold coffee. So the taste will be good, but the creaminess will be less. You can compensate a bit, by decreasing the milk and increasing the ice cream quantities.

If you don't want to use a blender / mixi, you can use those coffee/milkshake shakers (like cocktail shakers) First mix about 5-6 tbsps of milk with the coffee powder and sugar. When they have dissolved well, add the rest of the milk and the ice cream.
The ice cream will not blend completely, so you may get a bit of a coffee float instead which is also equally yummy.

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