Friday, February 14, 2014

Kitchen Garden : Curry Leaves / Kadi Patta / Meetha Neem

Curry Leaves are used as seasoning in so many Manglorean dishes and other South Indian cuisines, that most houses have their own plant growing in the backyard or kitchen garden.

I know friends who live abroad in Egypt, US, Canada and even if they have no garden to speak of, they still have a cherished curry leaves plant growing in their home.

Curry Leaf plants are extremely difficult to repot, so your best bet is to buy a slightly grown plant from a nursery in a little bag. Dig a hole in a large pot at home and insert the curry leaf plant with all its attendant soil, directly into the pot.

Curry Leaves have a tap root, so you will need a deep pot for sure.

Kadi Patta is also used in a couple of North Indian dishes and my mom-in-law always uses them in kadhi.

The leaves are called Meetha Neem in Gujarat and are used to season certain dishes in this part of the country too.

In Andhra Pradesh there is a chutney pudi / gun powder made with curry leaves as the main ingredient.

The leaves are extremely flavourful and worth eating whole, because they are renowned for their cholesterol lowering properties.


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