Saturday, October 15, 2011

Recipe: Low fat Parathas using the Roti Maker

As I've blogged befoe, using the roti maker has been a huge boon as it means so much less washing up. The husband is the only one who eats rotis at home and earlier the amount of cleanup and washing to make 3-4 rotis or parathas was just too much.

The roti maker eliminates all the extra flour used when rolling, which then flies all over the kitchen and gets into the holes on the gas burner. There is no chakla belan to be washed. And the roti maker itself, just has to be wiped clean with a damp cloth. so all I have to wash is the bowl in which I mix the dough or have stored the dough in.

Whole wheat flour
salt to taste
water to make the dough
a little ajwain - optional
a little ghee/butter to fry

Make the dough, the same way that you would for rotis or phulkas.
When using the roti maker, don't press down as hard as you would for a roti, so that the parathas aren't too thin.
Fry on one side for 15-30 seconds, turn over.
Rub a drop of ghee on the top surface, turn over and repeat.
Keep turning over every few seconds until the paratha is cooked.
You can even close the roti maker in between, to speed up the cooking.
Parathas are much faster this way and I find that I use so much less ghee. Just 2 drops of ghee to a paratha.

Serve hot with any gravy or dry dish. In the first picture in this post, it has been served with Chawla's Cream Chicken and pickled onions.

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