Saturday, November 27, 2010

Recipe: Karina's Cheese Omlette

My sister isn't much of a cook. Don't get me wrong - she loves good food and is an appreciative audience to all my experiments with food, but she doesn't don the chefs hat herself, unless it is to prepare something quick and easy.

This is one of her favourite recipes and she has been egging me on to try it, especially on the days when my husband is travelling and I end up with a pack of ParleG and a glass of milk for dinner! It just feels like too much effort to cook a meal for one person.

So this time when the husband was away, I decided to give in and found it was worth the 5 minutes effort to prepare and wash up.

2 Eggs
1 slice of cheese
1/2 tsp each of chopped onion, tomato, green chilli and corriander (optional - use whatever you like in your omlettes - I only used onion)
salt and pepper to taste
1 tsp milk
a drop of oil/butter to fry

In a bowl break in the eggs, and add, the milk, salt and pepper.
Beat with an egg beater to get a bit of a froth.
Mix in the onion, tomato, green chilli and corriander and beat lightly again.

Pop the frying pan on the fire, when warm add a drop of oil/butter/ghee and swirl around the pan.
Pour the egg mixture and fry till done on one side.
Turn it over and fry on the other side, or if you like it slightly runny, just take it off the pan.
(Kim's Tip: If you use onions and tomatoes in your omlette, it may become heavy and you may find it difficult to flip upside down. In this case, loosen the egg from the bottom and slide it carefully onto a plate. Then hold the plate firmly in one hand, cover it with the frying pan and turn it upside down in a smooth movement so the uncooked side of the egg is now facing the bottom of the pan)

Slide the fried omlette onto a plate. Top with a slice of cheese.
Pop in the microwave for 30 seconds till the cheese starts to melt and bubble.
Serve with bread or toast.
I have just half a slice of cheese on this omlette as the cat came running in when she smelt the cheese coming out of the fridge and begged till I fed her half a slice. Since she too goes into depression when the husband is away, I couldn't say no!

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