Friday, October 05, 2007

Kerala Beef Chilli Fry

Kerala Beef Chilli Fry and methi nu dhal today.

Half kg meat - Tweaked the recipe a bit (as usual) - was polished off in under 10 minutes by 2 people smile.gif

For those who have been following my cribs about lack of ingredients in Egypt..... I have found a small shop (1.5 hours drive away) selling Thai birds eye chillies. happydance.gif happydance.gif happydance.gif The chilli fry was a celebration of the spice that has re-entered our life smile.gif beer3.gif happydance.gif thumbup.gif

Changes :
I skipped the tomatoes.
Substituted coconut flakes (dessicated) for fresh which isn't available here right now.
Cooked the veal with the masala rather than pre cooking. I felt it absorbed the flavour better.

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