Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Recipe: Sannas - (Rice Cakes)

Soak separately (at least 4 hours) :
1/2 kg boiled rice
250 gms raw rice

Grind both varieties of rice together with milk of 1 coconut (1 packet of Dabur Homemade coconut milk also works)

Add salt to taste & a little dry yeast. Put in a large vessel with space to ferment. Cover with a cloth & allow it to fement.

Steam in greased moulds around 15 minutes in a steamer. Much less in the microwave. Idli moulds will do fine if u dont have sanna moulds. The shape will be different though

IPB Image

This is what they should ideally look like
They go great with any coconut based curry or pork.

That's Nana's Pork Indad in the picture.


Foodie's Hope said...

Hi Kim!! I have some Coorgi recipes in my blog!! I am not a coorgi but from the coffee plantations around Hassan..Now sannas.. are they Konkani or Coorgi cuisine? Look beautiful!!

Kim said...

Hi Asha,
I liked yr blog esp the pictures. Sannas are a Manglorean & Goan speciality. But they suit some of the Coorgi pork dishes too.

mercy said...

How long do I soak the rice and how long should long should the ground batter be kept for fermentaion?


Kim said...

soak for at least 4 hours as mentioned in the recipe.

Fermentation time depends on the climatic conditions of where you live.

Just call me 'A' said...

hmm i'm definitely going to try these. my husband is konkani and i'm not so I have no idea how to make most of these stuff. he looves sannas...and i never make them....of course because i don't know how to...

Anonymous said...

Kim, So it appears that you add no water at all while grinding. Is that right? Or do you first grind with water and later add the coconut milk. Also you haven't mentioned sugar in the recipe. Aren't sannas sweetish ?

Kim said...

for me its a given that I will add water as necesarry when grinding any masala or batter.

No sugar, the yeast and the coconut milk give the mild sweetness to the sannas


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