Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Recipe: Pork Chops with Naga flavours

I've been making pork chops with Asian Citrus Spice Marinade for awhile & I wanted to try something different. I've been missing all the gorgeous pork I used to gorge on while living in Guwahati, so I decided to cook with some North Eastern flavours for a change. I used the ingredients of the Naga dish ThevoChu for inspiration and was quite pleased with the result.

1kg pork chops
2tbsp ginger garlic paste
1 Naga Chilli (you can use birds eye chilli or chilli powder as a perfectly acceptable heat substitute, but the Naga Chilli adds a hint of sweetness and smokiness to the flavour)
Vinegar or lemon juice to taste (I had a lovely bottle of organic garlic vinegar from ABC farms in Pune that I used)
salt to taste
200-225 gms bamboo shoot (I used a Blue Dragon tin after draining the liquid. This brand is low on added salt & citric acid. Check your brand to adjust for salt and vinegar in your dish, if the bamboo shoot is too salty or acidic, rinse it in cold water before using)
fresh chopped corriander leaves for garnish - optional

Marinate the chops in ginger garlic paste, chilli, salt and vinegar for at least a couple of hours. The longer its marinated the better. I normally marinate chops for a couple of days, so that the flavours really soak in.

Heat a pan, and sear the chops on both sides. (I had a bit of mustard oil in which I've soaked some Naga chillis, so I warmed that on the pan before searing the meat, it added another layer of spice to the meat)

Once the meat is seared, add the bamboo shoot and the rest of the marinade juices and cover and cook, turning once or twice until done.

Garnish with corriander leaves if using and serve.

We are a family of meat eaters, so just pork chops is a perfectly acceptable meal for us. You can serve it with a side of salad, or roast/mashed potatoes. Or serve the chops as a side with pasta aglio olio or any other light pasta dish.

Kim's tip:
You can just pop these marinated chops on the BBQ, and ignore the bamboo shoot and corriander, it will still taste very good.


Unknown said...

The internet is flooded with naga pork recipes. I quite liked your recipe because it tasted really good. Tried it today and got appreciation from my other north east friends. Thank you.

Kim said...

Thanks Tony. Glad you enjoyed the Pork :)


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