Sunday, September 26, 2010

Recipe: Bacon, Onion and Cheddar Biscuits

I've been following the Brown Eyed Baker (Michelle) since quite awhile. But with the moving and the power outages, I haven't baked for quite awhile. (I bake in my microwave)
Today being a Sunday, the chance of a power outage was much lower and I thought it would be great to make these Bacon, Onion and Cheddar Biscuits as a snack/ light dinner, for the husband who was watching the cricket 20-20 finals. Michelle's Bacon, Onion and Cheddar Biscuits are adapted from the Pioneer Woman's Bacon, Onion and Cheddar Biscuits. But I followed Michelle's Recipe
It was pretty quick to assemble (Didn't need to bring out the mixer) and the smell of baking cheese has left the house smelling heavenly. The cat was wandering around head tilted upwards, sniffing all over the place.
For my first lot, I just loosely placed the dough in the muffin pan.
For the second lot, I shaped the biscuits into smoother shapes and these looked much better as a finished product.

While I did use my hands to mix the first few ingredients, I think its essential to use a plastic/rubber/silicone spatula once you add the cheese. Otherwise the heat of your hands could melt the cheese into indistinguishability.
Although the Brown Eyed Baker recommends 20-22 minutes at 375F (190C), I found that I needed to bake my biscuits for 35 minutes at 200C. The good thing with baking in a micro is that you can see the colours of the baked goodies, without opening the oven and letting cold air in.

What would I change?
I diced the onion quite fine this time, but I would chop it a little larger next time. The sweet onion was a nice contrast to the salty bacon and salty cheese and I would have liked to taste more of it.
I'd like to experiment with different herbs in the mix. Some thyme or oregano might go well.
Freshly cracked pepper  might be awesome.
I think this recipe would also taste good with flavoured cheeses. I have some Moroccan spicy cheese in the fridge, I might try that next.

The husband found them a little dry after the 2nd one and wanted ketchup on the side. Any ideas on how to decrease the dry feeling in the throat (compounded by the saltiness of the cheese and bacon)?

Any ideas on what to serve this with?

I was thinking olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip.
Something light, without strong flavours, just to add a bit of moistness while eating.

Equipment needed:

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